Equity →Community → Prosperity
“Beloved Community: The Power of Non-Violence”
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., June 1957
so that when the battle is over, a
new relationship comes into being.
The end is reconciliation.
The end is redemption.
This is the love that may well be
the salvation of our civilization.
The aftermath of violence is bitterness …
The aftermath of non-violence is the creation
of beloved community …
Association of
(ABC) is a Hub
that links
people who are
with high
that support
“high stakes”
Who We Are
The Association of Beloved Communities (ABC) is a Seattle-based initiative
of Sunyata Association, a nonprofit organization. We operate as a high-
performance resource assisting local organizations and community activists
and influencers to communicate, coordinate and collaborate toward a
common objective with equitably shared benefits for the well-being of all.
ABC prioritizes the most vulnerable as valuable and vital investments toward building healthy communities
Our Vision
Starting from our beautiful home, we are committed to the achievement
of Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream of Beloved Community worldwide.
Seattle, Washington city skyline with Mt. Ranier in the background
Our Mission
In partnership with local organizations, ABC serves as a consultant in
developing the necessary relational and technical infrastructure of a
Beloved Community in select areas that can be demonstrated, prototyped,
and replicated across the county, state, nation and around the world.
Pacific Northwest night sky
Root cause of community decay is a long-term neglect of people
Three Problems
SYSTEMIC DEPRIVATION Economically depressed communities have experienced decades of resource-
deprivation spanning generations. They are flooded with a variety of systemic problems germane to
poverty-stricken places where the people living there are not the priority for investors.
INEFFECTIVE INTERACTIONS Communities experiencing long-term systemic distress are often too busy
dealing with immediate problems and issues such that there’s no central coordinating body to monitor
community efforts and provide a clearinghouse in which local residents can learn about all of the active
programs, opportunities and resources available.
PLANNING PROBLEMS The advantage that real estate developers have over every economically
distressed community is these neighborhoods typically lack an organized strategic economic plan based
on equitable access to opportunities with measurable impact and projected long-term outcomes.
“Segregation is evil. It is morally wrong and sinful. It is a cancer in the body politic. In
a real sense, we are through with segregation, now, henceforth and forevermore!”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr | 1963 speech at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI
Dr. King regarded segregationist policies and practices as a root cause
of community decay and discord. Yet, 50 years after his death in 1968,
segregation of housing, schools, businesses and people persists.
But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free;
One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly
crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of
One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of
poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity;
One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the
corners of American society and finds himself in exile in his own
So we’ve come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.
Excerpt from “I Have a Dream” speech | Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
March on Washington | August 1963
1963 - Black Americans represented 90% of the entire US minority population
Our 6-Phased Approach
Phase-1: Technical Asset Mapping (Geo-Political Contexts) Provides insightful knowledge of the overall
community from a 10,000-foot high level.
Phase-2: Relational Asset Mapping (Social Cohesion | Resilience | Holistic Mastery) Provides insightful
relational knowledge of the community stakeholders.
Phase-3: Abstraction Mapping (Roles | Behaviors | Processes | Demographics) - Provides insights into the
current and desired Role Interactions (Roles | Actions | Flows | Objectives | Implications), Role Behaviors
(Cultural Identity-Orientation Values-Memes-Behaviors), Core Processes (Economic Development | Real
Property) and Role Demographics (Cultural Intersectionality).
Phase-4: Informational Mapping (Meaning of Mapping Results) Provides effective and efficient in convening
and communicating with community stakeholders. We use catalytic convening processes that incorporate the
communication tools such as “Open Space” and “StoryBridge.” These facilitation tools help break down the
silos and walls of distrust to accelerate human connection, engagement, empathy, compassion, understanding
and trust.
Phase-5: Negotiation Mapping (Visioning | Planning | Readiness Assessment) identifies the structural current
reality and the proposed end-state, enables us to be effective in supporting strategic planning and assessing
readiness. The end result is the development of a visionary framework and a written concept leading to a
comprehensive strategic economic plan with measurable milestones and equitable outcomes.
Phase-6: Implementation Mapping (Technical | Relational) Provides support prototyping and execution.
Our Revenue Model
ABC engages diverse distressed communities of color that have a strong
sense of commitment to cultural integrity and economic equity.
ABC identifies and vets qualified organizations within and connected to
communities of color that have convening authority and institutional
knowledge of the selected geographic neighborhood.
ABC negotiates an agreement that contains a scope of work for
deliverables within a specific time frame.
Our Revenue Model
Negotiated contracts
Clients: Municipalities, counties, foundations, grant
recipients, community organizations, churches, schools
Short term: 90 days (Steps 1-3 of 6-phased approach)
Long-term: 6 months 1 year (Steps 1-6)
Our Core Team
ABC is comprised of a core of local leaders with expanded capacity
through a network of experienced consultants committed to the work
of community development and economic ecosystem-building. Through
its consulting network, ABC is connected to additional resources and a
national ecosystem of people building beloved communities.
Gus Newport President
Mark R. Jones, Ph.D. Administrator
Brad Meyers Business Development
Anne Stadler Design thinking,
networking, process facilitation
Jerry Millhon Media & Storytelling,
Networking, Communications
Anne Jess Systems analyst, visual
communications, organizational
structure, visual facilitation
Partnered Consultants:
ScaleUp Partners Mike Green + national network
Story Bridge Richard Owen Geer & Qinghong Wei
Equity → Community → Prosperity
Contact: Mark R. Jones, Ph.D., ABC Administrator
Email: mark@abcbelovedcommunities.org
Phone: (425) 413-6000